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Custom software development that lets you build customer-focused and market-driven digital products.
Healthcare web and app development

PerDiemz - Nurse Staffing App

  • #iOS

A nurse staffing app designed to establish a reliable connect between facilities requiring experienced staff to certified nurses across New York and Connecticut.

idoor iot solution

iDoor- IoT Solution

  • #iOS

A smart lock application for residential & commercial spaces that is designed to enhance security and aiding customers control the locks with just a few clicks.

motorway buddy trucks app

Startup - Motorwaybuddy

  • #iOS

A cohesive trucking solution designed for the Haulage industry to establish a connect between truck stops, truck drivers and haulage companies.

usa nurse staffing app perdiemz design and development

Your top choice for a digital product partner

  • #IOS

We live in a world where tech and mobile dominate our lifestyle. With increasing competition, you ought to have a better understanding of your audience and build your digital product accordingly.

Creating a fancy product won’t create any value but if you are solving a problem, you have hit the nail on the head.

How does Zorior help?

With our years of experience is working with different startups and being one ourselves, we know what goes in developing a successful digital product.

Starting with product strategy, definition to the product launch and scaling phase, we are with you as your trusted development partner.


  • On-time delivery
  • Transparent execution
  • Trust building and Reliable
  • Consultative approach
  • Timely updates
  • Confidentiality with Non-disclosures

Our digital products are:

easy to navigate

Easy to Navigate

Competitively designed

best quality

Engineered with best quality

future ready

Future-ready & data-driven

scalable and secure

Scalable and secure

brand experience

Offer brand experience

Creates mass appeal

Establishes a value-driven approach

Crafting custom digital products with customers as center point


Digital products have drastically changed the way we live. Right from having an app to manage your finances to having an app to help you mindfully madidate, there is an app for pretty much everything that we do daily.

It gets difficult to stand out in such situations when there are so many options available. If you are seeking a successful digital product, you need to have your end goal clearly defined.

Since this is something entirely new that you are approaching, the skills and expertise of the team at Zorior help you get what you want.

The digital products developed at Zorior are competitive, stand the test of time, well thought, researched and add value for your customers.

We can help you with:

  • Market research
  • Product definition with customer mapping
  • Product design
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product development & launch
  • Product scaling
iDoor smart lock solution app development

Product Development Lifecycle

1. Product Strategy

Right from doing competitive analysis, and deciding on the value proposition to the positioning of the product, the team at Zorior helps you get the right start to your product strategy.

Two very important questions – the ‘WHY’ and the ‘HOW’ of the product are focused on at this stage.

2. Product Definition

Profiling the customer, creating the user flow, prototyping to user behavior mapping, this stage is about diving deeper into your target audience and scoping your product based on their needs.

The core user-flows through the product are then gauged to create a product design that will stand out in the market.

3. Product Development

Deciding on the tech slack that works best for the kind of product in the picture is the first step. We advise to go with native technologies because they help you get the best of the respective OS.

Development modules are defined and the development phase for the mobile and the backend is started.

4. Testing

We start with defining the test cases to doing real time testing so nothing is missed out. The end client is free to do beta testing with some users to refine anything in the digital product.

Our expert quality assurance team ensures that your product is thoroughly tested in every possible working scenario so the end customer does not face any issue.

5. Product Launch

Right from procuring the right server to host the robust backend to launching the applications on respective stores, Zorior helps you all the way.

With Zorior, you do not have to worry about the delay of the product launch. We plan everything considering your launch in mind.

6. Product Scaling and Maintenance

Once the product is launched, within a few months you get the idea on the receptiveness of it. With detailed analysis of customer reviews, the product is scaled to meet the market expectations.

The product will definitely need upgrade of the OS and libraries from time to time. We assist our product client on that part too.

Industries we serve

e-book selling app


online learning website design
healthcare ios app development


Music and audio 
sell digital art work online
Digital Artwork/graphics 
gym training ios app design


games design and development


Yes, we do. We ensure complete confidentiality of your product idea and make sure you get the property rights and codes after product launch.
Considering the simplest form of a product that you might have in mind; it normally takes 20 Business days to develop both the app and the backend. It might take a few more days to launch the product depending on the quality tests, your feedback, and app approvals.
It depends on the product, the features and the number of platforms on which you are planning to develop and launch your product.

As our process states, we will start with competitive analysis and market research. Based on the study, we will start with the prototyping and design.

Once the designs are confirmed, we would start with the core development. Our clients will get weekly updates and the development will be planned considering the launch date in mind.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager to handle and manage your entire project. They will handle all your concerns, queries and feedback you have on the product.

The product scaling will come into picture once the product is launched. Based on the customer reviews, the scaling of the product will be planned.

Hence, we will be sharing the cost of the product based on the amount of features that you are looking to add to your product.


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