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Vouch POS is a complete restaurant management system designed to help your restaurant business thrive in this competitive world. Streamline operations, staff efficiency, stock management and improve profitability with the extensive suite of solutions we offer with Vouch POS.
vouchpos restaurant point of sale solution

Key Solutions


Point of Sale

Enhance revenue, streamline operations, and elevate customer service with Vouch POS – a user-friendly, comprehensive restaurant POS system designed for order management, payments, inventory control, and beyond.


Online Ordering

With Vouch POS, access a commission-free ordering platform that enables direct customer outreach. Cut third-party expenses and enjoy streamlined order administration for enhanced efficiency.


Effortlessly connect your serving staff and kitchen teams with Vouch POS Kitchen Display, enhancing your ability to deliver outstanding dining experiences. Assist your kitchen staff in efficiently preparing orders to ensure all tickets and items are promptly attended to.


Self Ordering Kiosk

Revamp your customers’ ordering experience using Vouch POS’s self-ordering feature. Enable them to bypass queues and personalize their orders seamlessly. Embrace a future where convenience and efficiency define every dining experience.


Loyalty Program

Elevate customer retention and engagement effortlessly with an integrated loyalty program in Vouch POS. Increase customer satisfaction and drive repeat business with personalized rewards and incentives.

easy to use digital signage solution
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DotSignage - User Friendly Digital Signage Solution


DotSignage is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play signage software. Design and upload content on remote screens effortlessly. Create slideshows, schedule content, and enhance engagement with content specific apps like news feeds, weather feeds, and more.

DotSignage - Signage Software Your Business Needs

Easily design anything of your choice with our quick and user-centric template editor. Give your signage a vibrant look and feel with the template and design of your choice.

With the 750+ in-built templates that are organized in categories, you can save time and design efforts.

Just make quick edits to your content and publish them on the go. Give your business the DotSignage push with our digital signage solution.

Customizable Templates


Never waste time designing again – our templates do it for you

Content Creation Apps


Drive more engagement and keep your customers hooked to screens

Template Editor

Design like a pro with our simple and intuitive template editor

Active Screens


Making an impact, one screen at a time



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