Mobile and Web Solution for Healthcare Industry

PerDiemz is an app-based nurse staffing network built with the goal to bridge the hiring gap between nurses, hospitals and healthcare facilities. 


apps solution for healthcare industry

Client Profile

  • Our client, staying in Connecticut, has closely worked with nurses and knows the way the healthcare industry works. He realised the wide staffing gap between the nurses and the healthcare facilities had to be finally taken care of. 
  • Many well qualified nurses in the industry are not reimbursed according to what they deserve. The healthcare facilities often have to hire any nurse irrespective of their experience in times of emergency. 
  • The client wanted to remove third party hiring agencies and establish a direct connection between the nurses and the healthcare facilities. This led to the idea of PerDiemz.
  • The app is available in iOS and Android for the nurses. There is an extensive web portal available for the use of the healthcare facilities.
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Project Highlights

Scheduling in app


New York & Connecticut



Business Model

Fixed Cost


iOS, Android, Web

healthcare app and website design

Solution Offered

App Features (Mobile App for Nurses)

  • Nurses can easily apply for open positions through the app
  • They can manage live check-in/out through the app
  • Nurses can view their earnings per day/per facility/total earnings
  • Registered nurses can check their schedule for today, tomorrow or the day after
  • Nurses can set their preferences so they get their work notifications accordingly
apps solution for healthcare industry
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Cloud-based Web Portal Features

  • Ability to post open positions
  • Ability to check nurses’ availability
  • Ability to check and import detailed time reports 
  • Ability to contact the nurses directly
  • Ability to access daily schedule with real time updates


Project Challenges

  • The first challenge was to create the entire solution in a way that it seemed like a well-established one, easy to use with equal to no glitches at all. The end user experience was to be given top priority and we managed to achieve that in the set timeline for the project. 
  • Designing an app that was user-friendly, intuitive and simple to navigate was the first priority and a challenge in itself. With several revised design drafts that matched the vision of the client, we were able to deliver high quality designs. 
  • Establishing a seamless sync between the app and the portal was the second challenge. Updates had to be real-time and accurate. This was established really well with the development of the entire solution. 
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Final Result


Cloud-based solution 


Quicker shift fills


Improved efficiency