We give you a team like it’s yours – committed, visionary and outcome oriented.

Save yourself from the trouble of finding the right developers for your project. At Zorior, we do that for you so you can focus on bringing your tech business idea to life.
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A high skilled dedicated team gets you ahead of others

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You might be new to the tech world when you are pursuing your radical business idea for the first time. The first mistake you would not want to make is hiring developers that might not match your frequency, needs and vision.

At Zorior, having worked with many startups, we understand the journey well as well as the demands of it.

You get a team and grasps your idea, imbibes it with their development and gives you a product that fits the marketplace.

If you are already into this for a long time, we won’t say much except our work standards and commitment will be your biggest asset. Hire a team of dedicated developers from Zorior, your tech warriors who can help you reach your goals.

Simple and quick process

When it comes to your work with Zorior, we make sure you get everything you need. Our processes are simple, transparent, quick and well in place to things done on time.

The moment we receive your inquiry, within 12 hours one of our team members gets in touch with you to discuss and understand your needs.

We work with a consultative approach, so if you are new to the IT world, we guide you all the way.

Based on your project needs, we offer you flexible options with us for dedicated working mode. Our team is well-resourced and stocked right from the business analysts, the designers, the developers both frontend and backend, quality analysts and others.

Inquire & share your needs

Drop us your requirements on info@zorior.com along with a good weekday and time to schedule call to discuss the same. We have a rule to reply to all our mails within 12 hours max.

define project scope

Define Project Scope

Post our initial discussion, our team of business experts will analyze your needs and prepare a scope document that best suits your requirements. Once approved, the selection process of the best team for it starts.

select range of cv

Select from CVs options based on skillset

We give you a range of CV options based on your project requirement and the needed skillset for each of these. You can review them and pick your choice to interview further.

interview and select

Interview and Select

You get to interview each of the CV options that we have given and select your preferred choice. These dedicated developers will work with you throughout the project.


Upon selection, the agreement is signed and the team is now yours, to work with you all along the way and to help you reach your envisioned tech goal.

Why hire dedicated developers

Flexible pricing & working models

Choose your suitable working model at our competitive pricing. Get the best of resources to develop and lead your business industry.

skilled resources

Experienced and skilled resources

We emphasize on work values above skills. This helps you get a team that is committed, hard-working and result driven.

Daily/weekly updates

Regular updates from the team help you stay updated on the work progress. You get test builds to check how the product is working and give your inputs

flexible communication

Flexible Communication Method

Communicate with the team flexibly and easily with your preferred modes of communication be it via Skype, our PMS, Google Meets or calls.

secured working environment

Secured Working Environment

We ensure your project and all the aspects related to it are kept confidential. You as the client has all the rights on the source code files of the project.


Transparency and Commitment

The dedicated model with Zorior ensures the committed work hours are given with due diligence with tracking and transparency.

No expense on training and retainment

The resources assigned to your dedicated team via Zorior are well skilled, properly trained as per market standards and best in the market.

Dedicated Lead as Single Point of Contact

At any point, any questions or concerns you might have, you have been assigned a specific account tech lead who will always be available to look into it.

Working Models

dedicated resources

Dedicated Resources Model

This model comes in picture when you have long term project that might exceed more than 3 months and require working team on a full-time basis.

  • Project timeline: 3 months or more
  • Billing: Monthly
  • Resource: Full-time
  • Commitment – 1 month

Hourly Costing Model

This model will come into picture when your product idea is still on the shaping forms and you want to build it while testing it out for the market.

  • Project timeline: 1 month or more
  • Billing: weekly
  • Resource: Shared resource
  • Commitment – 2 weeks


Dedicated resources mean the developers assigned to you will only work for your exclusively and not for any other client on a full-time basis.

Dedicated model can be of great benefit when you have a long-term project that might continue more than you anticipate.

This model gives you an assurance that a team will always be on standby for you to work on your needs when you need them – especially when your product is at its starting phase.

You will receive weekly updates on the project’s progress. The team will always be available for quick catch-up calls as well if you need them.

Yes, you will be connected to the project head who will be responsible for the work and delivery. He is your point of contact and address all your queries and concerns on the work and progress.

Yes, you can also add more resources to the team in the middle of the project if you need. We always keep the needed bandwidth to handle and add the resources in no time.

Based on the project scope that we discussed at the beginning of the project, we anticipate your needs and make sure you get everything you need.


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