Don’t Get Confused! Ux & UI – Both are Different

difference between ui and ux

UI and UX- Two sides of the same coin?

UI and UX are important parts of any app development process. However, we tend to mix up the two and use these two terms interchanged with each other. Overall, there is a huge mix up between the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) terms. In this write-up, we shall explore the important difference between these two terms, where they meet and where exactly they are applied. This shall help us make sense of these two important terms in mobile app development.

In a broader sense, UI should be viewed as the steering wheel of an automobile. Both the car and the steering helps you to go to different places. On the other hand, mobile UX design concentrates on the feeling that you get while driving to those places and providing you with the best mobile experience.

Influences acting on UX and UI

Going broadly into this topic, it is noticed that UX and UI design are most often used interchangeably when describing the processes involved in creating a product, but one should remember that UI is just one part of the many influences that are creating a pull on the user experience of a product. Looking at things from a broader perspective, one can say that UX is comprised of may disciplines, including UI and also contains interaction design, information architecture, visual design, content strategy and creation, user research and psychology, to name just a few of the elements.

UX is more concerned with designing for the needs of the end user and for understanding the necessary tasks involved in using a product or a service to fulfil a goal or a purpose. UI, on the other hand, is more concerned with the usability of an interface and is determined by parameters such as its ease, efficiency and enjoyment of use.

Aspects focussing on UX and UI

It is important that mobile app designers focus on the UX part of the design early so that the app development process is smooth and clear for the end user. In particular, care should be taken to ensure that the end needs, desires, motivations, and behavior by observing the psychology of the user minutely are taken into account while designing any mobile app. If the end user is not satisfied with the experience they have while operating any app, it means that UX has failed to complement with the UI of that particular app.

In any mobile app development project, the UX research is often done beforehand, even before designing the look and feel of the app to make sure that the app is useful for the user and they have a seamless experience while operating the app. This is most important for any mobile app development process since most of the other design requirements of the app will be influenced by this most important requirement.

Where do UX and UI meet?

Talking about UI, a UI designer will go through all the research done by the UX team and will take out the important elements and take inspiration from them. In other words, UI team will use the research of the UX team to refine the flow of the application, produce a number of designs through the process of iteration till the most appropriate design UX wise comes into being. UI designers also dabble with the colors and typography used in the app to give a perfect experience visually for the end user of the mobile app.

At Zorior, both UX and UI teams are given the utmost importance and sometimes they work together. They both focus on the requirements and interaction of the user with the app in every stage of its development. This forms an important part of the design considerations for the particular app. However, extreme care is taken to ensure that UX and UI design elements are given due consideration during the design of any app so that ultimately the end user gets the best product.

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